History of the brand

Capital Time: tradition, family dedication and never out of time innovation


It was the year 1927 when the Bianchi family entered the world of watchmaking, starting a long and prestigious entrepreneurial adventure.

In 1978, following the intuition of their father, the brothers Giorgio and Giovanni Bianchi transformed the artisan workshop into the "Bianchi Orologerie", a company that immediately established itself as a synonym of quality and competence. In 1988 they decided to give life to an exclusive production brand so as to offer customers a line of watches characterized by high quality and 100% Italian design: thus, Capital Time was born.

Capital Watches

The wristwatch has always been a very important, almost essential element to complete the wearer's outfit, giving it character and a touch of class. It is not a simple tool for marking and reading the time, but a real accessory capable of reflecting and enhancing the personality of the wearer.

This is why the main aspiration - as well as the primary objective - of Capital Time is to design and manufacture refined and at the same time casual style watches capable of satisfying the needs of its vast and varied clientele, made up of women, men and children. Capital watches are not only characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio, but they are also extremely easy to wear and perfect to wear on any type of occasion. Another fundamental strength is a punctual and complete after-sales assistance provided by highly competent staff available for every customer need.

The collections

Capital offers a wide range of watches for every style and personality. Tra le collezioni di punta di Capital spiccano la collezione Automatici/Meccanici Swiss per uomo, la collezione Uomo Prestige, la collezione Tasca Prestige e infine la Collezione Diamanti per donna, characterized by steel models adorned with real diamonds set on the case and dial.

Per la clientela femminile che ricerca modelli di orologi più classici è stata inoltre pensata la Collezione Toujours, mentre per le donne dai gusti più moderni e di tendenza ci sono le collezioni Milano e New York.