Are Capital watches water resistant?

Capital watches are water resistant up to 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m, depending on the type of model.

These depth indications refer to the pressure (3 bar, 5 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar) at which the watch was subjected to the water resistance test and do not indicate the depth at which the watch can be immersed in water.

The Capital watch is water resistant, provided that the crown, buttons, glass, case and gaskets are intact.

If the watch has a screw-down crown, this must be screwed down before contact with water.

If the watch has a pressure crown, this must be closed before contact with water.

The buttons and the crown must never be touched when the watch is in the water.

It is highly not recommended to use the watch in hot water (shower, bath and sauna) since the heat causes damage to the rubber seals.

ATTENTION: under no circumstances should the watch be worn while diving in water, since the impact produces a pressure much higher than the tightness limits of the watch and in any case represents a trauma to be avoided.


How long is the warranty valid?

La durata della garanzia per i difetti di fabbricazione è di 2 anni a partire dalla data di acquisto.

To find out what the warranty covers, please read the dedicated “warranty” section.

What is a watch with an automatic movement?

It is a mechanical watch that uses the energy produced by the oscillating mass (the oscillating mass is a part of the movement).

The oscillating weight rotates when the watch is worn on the wrist thanks to the natural movement of the arm.

The automatic mechanical watch therefore does not need a battery like quartz watches.

Automatic mechanical watches are more delicate than quartz watches and are more sensitive to changes in temperature, shocks and how you use them.

For these reasons, automatic mechanical watches are less accurate than quartz watches and can have inaccuracies from -5 to +40 seconds per day.

Automatic mechanical watches, if not worn, have a power reserve of approximately 24-36 hours depending on the model.

What is a watch with a quartz movement?

It is a watch that has a movement powered by a battery.

What is the average battery life?

The battery lasts about 12-24 months depending on the model and the use of its functions (eg. chronograph). It is advisable not to leave the dead battery inside the watch for a long time because it could damage the mechanism.

We recommend that you always have the battery replaced by an authorized dealer.

How to calibrate the chronograph hand if it is not perfectly aligned at 12 o'clock?

If the Capital chronograph hand does not align at 12 o'clock after being reset, calibration may be required:

  • Pull the crown out to the second position
  • Press the START button to move the chronograph second hand to the rest position
  • Press and hold the START button to rapidly advance the chronograph second hand
  • Once the chronograph second hand is aligned, reset the time and return the crown to its normal position

How do you adjust the size of a Milanese mesh bracelet?

  • With a thin tool, raise the lever (image A)
  • Scroll the cursor and place it on the correct measure (image B)
  • When the position is correct, press the latch to fix the position (image C)

Come regolare la misura di un bracciale con maglia milanese

What is the Dual Time function?

The clock with the Dual Time function allows you to have a second time zone that can be read via the central red hand or via a graduated scale from 1 to 24.

For example, the hour hand can be set to local time while the second time zone hand can be set to the time of the city in which you usually reside.

What are the phases of the moon?

The watch equipped with Moon Phases indicate the cycles of the moon on the dial.

The phases of the moon are indicated on a special disc that rotates every lunar month.

What is the life span of a leather strap?

The duration of a Capital leather strap is approximately 6-8 months and varies according to use. It is advisable to avoid contact with water, perfume and/or other cosmetics. By paying attention to a few precautions, the leather strap can remain in good condition for a long time.