Care and Maintenance

Your Capital watch has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care. It is made up of several very delicate components and that is why we recommend that you handle it with care and protect it from shocks and extreme situations.

We remind you that the mechanism of a watch works continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To ensure optimal operating efficiency and to preserve its accuracy and impermeability to air and water, we recommend that you read the following care tips.


The water resistance of a watch protects the movement from dust, humidity and any deterioration when it is completely immersed in water.

The gaskets keep the watch waterproof. However, since they are always exposed to different forms of external aggression (cosmetics, perspiration and temperature variations), the water resistance of a watch can decreases over time.

Always make sure that the watch crown is always positioned correctly (pushed or screwed according to the model) to block the entry of water into the mechanism.

Important: do not adjust the position of the crown or press the buttons to change the time, date or any other function when the watch is immersed in water, as water could slide into the case. If condensation appears in the watch, it must be taken to an authorized Capital dealer, as this could indicate a water resistance problem.

Capital watches are water resistant up to 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m, depending on the type of model. These depth indications refer to the pressure (3 bar, 5 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar) at which the watch was subjected to the water resistance test and do not indicate the depth at which the watch can be immersed in water.

Each Capital watch is water resistant, provided that the crown, buttons, glass, case and gaskets are intact.

It is highly not recommended to use the watch in hot water (shower, bath and sauna) as the heat causes damage to the rubber seals.

It is not recommended to dive into the water with the watch on your wrist as it could suffer a shock that could damage the watch.

Low battery indication

A quartz watch is powered by a battery that generally lasts between 1 and 2 years, depending on the model. When the clock begins to miss the correct time or stops, the battery must be replaced at a specialized center. It is advisable to never leave a dead battery inside the watch, due to the risk of deterioration that would damage the movement.

Self-winding mechanical watch

A self-winding mechanical movement watch is automatically wound with the daily movements of the wearer's wrist. For this, the strap must adhere well to the wearer's wrist. If the strap is too soft, the watch can lose part of its autonomy.

A fully wound watch has a power reserve of approximately 30 hours (depending on the model) without being worn. After this time the clock will stop. It will then be necessary to wind it manually by turning the crown clockwise (for about 20 laps) to provide the watch with sufficient power reserve. If the watch is not used for several months, it is advisable to charge it regularly to prevent the movement oil from becoming thicker and preventing its proper functioning.

Change of date

It is very important not to change the date between 22.00 and 02.00, as this could damage the movement.

Daily care (for waterproof watches only)(solo per orologi impermeabili)

To preserve the appearance of the watch and its bracelet, if necessary, we recommend cleaning it gently with a soft toothbrush (such as a toothbrush), immersed in warm water with a little soap. After this operation, rinse the watch thoroughly in fresh water and dry with a soft cloth. This must be done every time you go swimming in sea water or water containing chlorine (swimming pool).

We recommend cleaning the metal bracelet of the watch every two months if you wear the watch every day. Before cleaning, check that the watch crown is positioned correctly (pushed or screwed according to the model).

Leather strap

The life span of a leather strap depends on the conditions and frequency of use. To preserve it as long as possible, it is advisable to avoid contact with water, humidity, oily substances, cosmetic products and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Silicone strap

The life span of a silicone strap depends on the conditions and frequency of use. To preserve it as long as possible, it is advisable to avoid contact with oily substances, cosmetic products and prolonged exposure to the sun or other heat sources. In addition, the silicone band can be cleaned with soap and water.

Chemical products

Please avoid any direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products that may damage the bracelet, case or gaskets.


Please avoid extreme temperatures and sudden changes in temperature.